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Heart Leaders Thrive on Real-World Wisdom

Heart leaders draw strength and guidance from connecting with others who share their vision and values. By engaging in meaningful conversations and forming relationships with experienced heart leaders, they can navigate challenges with greater confidence and insight. This approach not only offers practical solutions but also cultivates a supportive community where everyone grows together. It’s a profound and inspiring way to enhance your leadership journey with real-world wisdom and collective support.


Heart Leaders Light Up Their Own Path

Joining our community grants you exclusive access to the transformative 12-week Heartful Method™ program. You’ll also receive weekly support from our founder, offering personalized advice and mentorship. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to ask pivotal questions, share your experiences, and deepen your heart leadership journey. It’s more than guidance—it’s tailored support that aligns with your unique path to becoming a Heart Leader.


Heart Leaders Drive Lasting Change

As a member of our community, you are at the forefront of fostering environments that embody positivity, inclusivity, and productivity. By applying heart leadership principles, you experience a cultural shift within your organization—where heart coherence empowers engaged employees, boosts retention rates, and elevates overall performance. Together, we can shape a future where every organizational culture becomes a beacon of harmony and success.

Rob Angel, Creator of the board game PICTIONARY

Arnaud’s teachings got me into places I would have never thought on my own. He’s helping me find my joy. It is rare that someone understands human condition as well as Arnaud.

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  • Enrich Your Personal Life: Experience personal growth and fulfillment through meaningful connections and purposeful leadership.
  • Strengthen Your Community: Contribute to a supportive network of heart leaders dedicated to making a lasting impact.

Getting Support on Your Heart Leadership Journey

Dive deep into the heart of leadership with personalized guidance and support. Our community is a sanctuary for those looking to cultivate self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and the courage to lead from the heart. Get access to unique content, engage in discussions, and learn from the stories of others who are on a similar path of heart leadership.

Connecting with Other Leaders, Learning Best Practices

Discover a vibrant network of leaders who are redefining what it means to be at the forefront of change. By partnering with us, you gain access to a global network of peers and guides eager to share their insights and best practices. Participate in workshops, webinars, and group discussions that inspire innovation and collaborative problem-solving. A personalized guidance program is also available through our Heartful Guides.

Accessing to Learning Resources Within Your Reach

Your partnership grants you access to a curated collection of materials designed to enhance your leadership journey. From exclusive articles and eBooks to online courses, our library is constantly updated to provide you with the tools you need to thrive. Whether you’re looking to deepen your understanding of heart leadership or seeking practical advice on navigating challenges, our resources are tailored to support your growth at every stage.

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A 40-year research on Heart Leadership

Benefit from the 40 years of personal research and study with the Heartful Method™.
This unparalleled life-changing experience guides leaders toward a more fulfilling and impactful life. The Heart Leadership Institute TAPUAT and its founder, Arnaud Saint-Paul, share their experience with our community to lead us toward a wholehearted future.